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SaaS Solutions
Save time and money by eliminating
your paper processes with a custom cloud-ready compliance application
1. Eliminate Paper
2. Cloud Solutions
3. Simple - Secure
We eliminate your paper based process and replace it with a cutting edge SaaS solution.
Our custom SaaS solutions are cloud ready. All you need is access to the Internet.
We help you meet your compliance requirements and ensure secure online operation.


“When we needed to improve our customer onboarding process, we turned to ContractPal! In short order we have developed a cloud app that meets our needs and is poised to carry us into the future.”
Marc Grzeskowiak,
VP Technology, Bloomnet
"With ContractPal’s electronic signature capabilities our customers can sign their Real Estate documents anytime, anywhere, with the click of a mouse. Time is everything in our business and ContractPal understands that."
Bruce Tucker,
Principal Broker/Owner
"By eliminating our outdated paper-based application with a web-based solution, ContractPal has accelerated our business process so we can focus on serving our customers by helping them build their credit one day at a time. Thank you ContractPal."
Natalie R,
Credit Repair Specialist
“When we needed an employee onboarding solution for our franchise operations, we turned to ContractPal! ContractPal provides everything we need today and because our application is now in the ContractPal cloud, we benefit from new things all the time.”
Steve Hawes,
"When we needed a solution for scalability without adding personnel and controlling costs, we turned to ContractPal for a cloud application to sign up clients. By integrating a ContractPal solution with our system, we now handle large volumes of new clients without manual entry and without adding additional staffing."
Michele Payton,
Chief Operating Officer
"ContractPal quickly and economically enabled A-Check’s electronic agreement management process, opening the door to a whole new set of opportunities for our company and providing our clients with a secure, compliant and reliable digital transaction execution method. Thanks ContractPal!"
Carlos Lacambra,
"Our custom “one stop” payment processing, and voice signature application has allowed us to quickly gather our customer’s information and eliminate costly errors with manual data entry"
Logan Sheffield,
"ContractPal’s product was perfect for our needs. It is extremely customizable and we were able to get our initial implementation up and running very quickly. The savings from this project paid for itself in just 4 months and we continue to leverage the platform to enhance the quality and productivity of our merchant underwriting operations."
Geoffrey Stocki,
Vice President of Operations